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❝ The only way to deal with yourself as an actor is to follow the emotional truth of what you have to do under the imaginary circumstances. And as you develop you become confident. You come to believe in what you're doing and trust it because it's out of you. SANFORD MEISNER


The Actor's Journey is a respected professional Australian acting school, one of only two in the country specialising in the renowned Sanford Meisner technique which offers per term and complete three year beginner through to advanced graduate level intensive training courses. 

We are known by local film makers and production houses for training actors at a level well above industry norms, often including already advanced actors, University Graduates, and seasoned professionals.

Those new to acting get the opportunity to work alongside those who are working within the industry in multiple disciplines whilst getting to grow with those at their own level.

We believe this practical approach promotes tremendous growth as it provides what real-world productions require.

Our entire vision, is to get actors who wish to, into active productions, whether on set or stage. 

For those who are wanting to experience the Meisner technique before applying for the three year beginner to advanced, we now offer an excellent 'Meisner Discovery' ten week intensive, which also credits those ten weeks to the bigger course should you choose to apply at the end of that term.


In 2022 we graduated five new alumni, some of whom have already been in multiple successful productions including one of our own short films, and one pilot series production. These graduates were leads in the 2022 Master Grad Showcase presented publicly to 'industry and friends'.


We are made up of professional directors, producers, actors, and writers. Some starting out, and others award winning with decades of real production experience. All are extensively trained to the highest level.

Whether an actor is about to step out onto the stage, onto their film set, or in front of the camera on audition day, every single thespian wants to know that they can fully commit to the choice they have made with confidence, and this is what our actors are known for! Add to this, that some of the world's most renowned writers, our favorite directors, and film producers trained in Meisner technique. So why is this?..

Arguably, the world's greatest proportion of leading actors came out of New York's renowned Neighborhood Playhouse, having trained with the distinquished and controversial Sandford Meisner.

Incredibly, both of our advanced teachers trained for at least eight years under one of Sanford Meisners own students.

This is not only rare, but for the first time in Queensland, it gives an incredible opportunity for those seeking to deepen their acting in a way that is rarely taught by institutions. 

This powerful and honest technique is an incredibly rewarding journey, thus the name.

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